One of the joys of design and development, is that every project is unique and similar.  Each project requires a clean perspective and changes to our methodology.  Kogent enjoys these challenges and we are happy to offer our flexibility in meeting your vision.  Especially now, when design and web applications are pushing the limits every day, we see no reason in limiting you.

Website Design
So you’ve come to admit it.  The internet is “where it’s at” and your company needs a website.  Not any website – you need a clean, functional, and appropriate website.  Something that reflects your business practices, your goals, and (most important) your products/services.
We get it and we can help.  Kogent produces websites which combine current design styles, development standards, and functionality.
Design Style: This means that your website design will not look dated.  As with fashion, design trends come and go.  Kogent will provide you with a website that is either cutting edge, utilizing the most up-to-date design trends; or clean, traditional, and sustainable.
Development Standards: If your site is simple or complex, Kogent will use standard compliant code and methods to ensure your site's functionality is clean and efficient.  Additionally, but following markup validation standards, your site's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is improved and your site will follow accessibility guidelines.
Functionality: There are two parts to functionality, front end and back end.  Front end functionality means that your site is designed so that visitors can easily navigate and explore without getting lost or frustrated.  Back end means that the code which creates the "guts" of your site is clean and well put together.  This is particularly helpful in keeping your site's performance (response time) as high as possible.
We are happy to discuss your vision and answer any questions you may have.  Please contact us anytime.
Graphic Design (Web, Print, etc.)
Kogent provides graphic design services which include web and print.
Web:  Some businesses have in-house or historical developers and only need the front end of their website designed.  No problem.  We are happy to work with you to develop a design in your platform of choice (Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator) and send you the original production files for your team to manage from there.  We can also meet you half way and take care of the development and markup before passing the project on to your team.
Corporate Identity: A brand is important.  It defines who you are as a company and communicates that message to your prospective clients.  It also differentiates you from your competitors.  Kogent will design a logo and company identity package (business cards, envelopes, stationary, etc.) which will communicate and connect, ensuring a strong presence among the crowd.
Print Collateral: Once you have developed your brand, it is essential to maintain it in every piece of marketing and sales collateral that you produce.  Kogent will work with you to ensure that the project matches your company’s brand and communicates a visual message to your prospective clients.
If you have not developed a brand, then Kogent will work with you to either develop one or, at the very least, create a design that can co-exist with your current marketing and sales material.
Programming (Web Application Development)
Kogent can provide your business with the website functionality that you dream about.  We offer programming & database design using the technology which is appropriate for your project.